The Edgerton Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors would like to wish you all a very happy new year! We are excited to go forward into 2019. We have been working on updating our bylaws and other documents as needed to proceed with a legal name change to the Northern Platte County Area Chamber of Commerce. Once we have all our documents updated, we have to go before the circuit court of Platte County and then submit everything to the State and the IRS.
Other goals for the year include getting the Edgerton Community Betterment Committee up and running, as well as creating new relationships with other local groups including the Dearborn Community Betterment Association.
We are glad to see all of our returning members, as well as our new members and we are hoping that with the name change, we will gain even more new members that will benefit from the support of a local area Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is meant to be a resource, advocate and connector for businesses and organizations. Membership offers a variety of ways to promote your business, organization, event, etc.  If you would like to become a member, please email us at
And finally, another one of our goals for the year is to apply for some grants to update our building in Edgerton. We would appreciate the help of any of our members with writing grants, as well as finding bids on supplies for repairs and improvements, as well as labor. This is a multi step process, and we are ready to get started!
Happy New Year! #2019

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