The Chamber Board met on January 17th for a Regular Board Meeting. One topic of discussion was the process for our legal name change.
In August 2018, the Edgerton Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors voted to begin a re-branding process for the Chamber in an effort to more accurately represent the members of the organization, many of which are located outside of Edgerton. The vote was put forth to the members of the Chamber, in accordance with the organizations bylaws, and the majority vote resulted in a legal name change to the “Northern Platte County Area Chamber of Commerce.”
In October 2018, the results of the vote were read to the Board of Directors, and proceedings began to legally change the name.
The bylaws of our organization have not been updated since 1991. We need to re-write our bylaws and submit them along with the proposed amendment to our Articles of Agreement to the Circuit Court of Platte County. We are currently in the process of updating our bylaws, and the Board has voted to start looking for a lawyer to hire to help us with this legal process.
The Board would appreciate any input on updating our bylaws. If it is possible for you to attend, we would invite all Chamber members to attend the Thursday, February 21st meeting to go over the bylaws and the proposed amendments. We plan to meet at 6:30 pm at the Edgerton Library (if they aren’t open we will meet at the legion hall at 503 Belt Ave. ).

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