Dekalb, MO–Please read this guest post from Kim and Mark Heckman! We are looking forward to Spring right along with them!

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“As I write this on this snowy/sleety Wednesday morning, it seems surreal that in just a few weeks our greenhouse will be filled with thousands of plants. What got us to this point is what I feel a God-planned adventure.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our story, let’s begin several years ago when my husband, Mark, decided that he would take some single pane windows from some very special friends of ours’ home remodel and turn it into a small greenhouse. Mark comes from a family of gardeners starting with his grandparents’ massive garden. So when Mark started this adventure, I wasn’t quite prepared for the scale of garden he was intending to grow. Don’t get me wrong, I like freshly grown food but this wasn’t the average hobby gardener with a couple of plants of tomatoes and a few pepper plants; I’m talking like 40 pepper plants and 100 sets of onions, rows of green beans and corn, lettuce, spinach, asparagus, squash, okra, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, zucchini, cucumbers, strawberry beds and blueberry bushes. You get the picture right? Go big or go home.

And then comes my favorites- the flowers. Looking at the seed catalogs and all the varieties and colors and choosing which ones should go where (which I would inevitably forget where I had wanted to plant by the time they were ready or have too many for the area I thought they would go), oh, it was so fun. Not to mention, going down to our little greenhouse every day to check on the “plant babies.” The thrill of seeing them sprout and grow and the disappointment when they died for unforeseen reasons. We had trial and error of varieties, soils, pot size, watering methods, etc. We grew as gardeners as our plants grew. And then last year came when Mark set me down with the hard conversation. “Kim, we have over 700 plants. Either we have to grow this into a business or you have to cut back.” As so, now here comes the God-planned adventure part.

Through some acquaintances, Mark learned about a local greenhouse (Nancy’s Greenhouse in Camden Point) that was looking to sell their greenhouses. Mark began the initial discussion and by May he was tearing down their greenhouses to transport them to our property and create a business. I say this is a God-planned adventure because of this, a dream put in Mark’s heart and a feeling of peace God gave me to go along with this adventure. It’s a big commitment, a lot of hard work, a lot of planning, budgeting and researching (which I’m so thankful are all things that Mark excels in). My role is more the creative, hands-on, tell me what to do, in this partnership. There was a lot of sweat, some blood, a few bruises and a lot of long hours put into putting up a greenhouse, but the prospective future makes it all worth it. We also wouldn’t be building this business without the tremendous support of our family and friends that also sacrificed their precious time and commitment to helping us not only tear down the greenhouses from one location but also the many trips back and forth transporting to their new home. We truly have the greatest network of family and friends!

Our goal is to provide the same quality and care of plants that Nancy’s Greenhouse offered for over 50 years. Mark and Nancy have been instrumental in guiding us through this journey by giving us seasoned advice, instructions and mentoring. We will forever be grateful to them for helping us begin this journey.

We pray that this business will be an opportunity to share God’s beauty with you.”

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