The Northern Platte County Area Chamber of Commerce started out as the Edgerton Area Chamber of Commerce, which was chartered in September 1946. In 2018, the Chamber Board and its members voted to re-name the organization in an effort to more accurately represent the organizations members. “Northern Platte County Area Chamber of Commerce” is the name that was chosen.

The Northern Platte County Area Chamber of Commerce serves its members and community with a variety of programs and opportunities.

Our Mission

The Northern Platte County Area Chamber of Commerce is formed for the following purposes:

  1. To seek economic, industrial, professional and civic welfare of the Northern Platte County, Missouri area.
  2. To encourage the growth of existing industries and businesses while giving all proper assistance to any new firms or individuals seeking to locate in the Northern Platte County, Missouri area.
  3. To support all activities believed to be beneficial to the community and area, to oppose those which might be detrimental, and in general, to promote the welfare of all area citizens, following always those policies intended to accomplish the greatest good for the greatest number.
  4. The Chamber is dedicated to providing responsive and committed leadership that builds a vibrant and thriving community. We seek to achieve posterity and outstanding quality of life.

“Northern Platte County Area” Defined

The Northern Platte County Area, or the Northern Platte County economic region  shall include that which is within the city limits of Edgerton, MO, Camden Point, MO and Dearborn, MO as currently existing and as may change from time to time by future City legislative action.
It shall also include the areas of Platte County, Clay County, Buchanan County and Clinton County which have an impact on the business, economic and industrial, professional or civic welfare of these cities and those which reside within that area.

2021 Board Members

Chamber Board Election for 2021 results were as follows:
o President – Jordan Keefhaver
o Vice President – Stephanie Wilcoxson
o Secretary – Maurita Buhl
o Treasurer – Jeanette Schank