“Northern Platte County Area” Defined

The Northern Platte County Area, or the Northern Platte County economic region  shall include that which is within the city limits of Edgerton, MO, Camden Point, MO and Dearborn, MO as currently existing and as may change from time to time by future City legislative action.
It shall also include the areas of Platte County, Clay County, Buchanan County and Clinton County which have an impact on the business, economic and industrial, professional or civic welfare of these cities and those which reside within that area.

Local History and Genealogy

The Platte County Historical Society researched and published an excellent book on the history of Platte County. It is called History of Platte County, Missouri; A Proud Legacy. You can find copies at the local libraries.
The Midwest Genealogy Center is the largest free-standing public genealogy library in the United States. It boasts 52,000 square feet of resources for family history researchers.
The North Platte Historical Museum & Cultural Center is working to preserve the history of Northern Platte County. Please contact them for more information about the Museum or to donate.
There is an excellent group page on Facebook called “Platte County Missouri back in the day” where members share old photos and information on Platte County people and places.

In the News…

A trio of towns: Dearborn, Edgerton, Camden Point –Kansas City Star, April 26, 2016