The City of Dearborn is a fourth class city in the County of Platte, State of Missouri.  The city is governed by an elected board of four Aldermen-at-Large and a Mayor.  Aldermen serve for two-year, alternating terms and the Mayor serves for two years. The population was 496 at the 2010 census. To learn more about Dearborn, visit the City website.

Dearborn is located in northern Platte County and centered about one-half mile south of the Platte-Buchanan county line.

Dearborn was established in 1882 as a train stop between Kansas City and St. Joseph, Missouri. Now a bedroom community off Interstate-29, Dearborn still has its small town heritage. Dearborn is defined less by boundaries on a map than by the sense of shared values the residents hold dear.  Residents take pride in maintaining a wholesome lifestyle, rich in cultural history, along with a commitment to the preservation of our environment. 

Dearborn is nestled in beautiful countryside surrounded by woodlands, pastures, farmland, rivers and creeks. Fishing, as well as hunting deer, turkey and seasonal morel mushrooms are very popular activities.  Dearborn has four distinct seasons, and in the area there are beautiful spring flowers, water-skiing, swimming and boating opportunities in the summer, incredible fall foliage, and snow skiing in the winter.

Dearborn is home to a vibrant agricultural industry, historic houses and buildings, parks, a library, restaurants, a craft and collectibles store, a highly ranked high school (part of the North Platte R-1 school district), historic churches, a local history museum, model railroad displays, fire station, community center, and several annual festivals and parades, including Christmas in Dearborn, Reminisce Days, and an annual Veterans Tribute.

Dearborn is not a sterile subdivision lifestyle distant from community needs. Dearborn is blue and white collar folk living, working and playing together. Dearborn reflects the way towns used to be with neighbors you know and many friends and family in town. Dearborn is a diverse community in many ways, with many senior households and a growing number of young families. There is senior housing and many active senior programs provided through Platte County Senior Services, as well as through local church and library programs. Dearborn churches, businesses, organizations, library and the school district conduct many programs for kids and teens.

Dearborn residents are caring people. Three local churches unite to provide community Thanksgiving dinners, united religious services, and to donate items to people in need. The churches, businesses and residents also support the Community Food Network for families in need of food and other items.

Dearborn appreciates Veterans, and is a Purple Heart City. The High School puts on an annual Veterans Day appreciation lunch attended by hundreds of students singing songs, playing music and serving lunch to Veterans. Hundreds of Veterans and active duty service members from around the USA attend. The Dearborn Community Betterment Committee annually does the Veterans Tribute Day in April with food, classic cars and farm tractors display, entertainment and a parade.

Dearborn’s future is bright, being a part of the Kansas City “Northland” with a fast-growing population for the growing number of jobs in Kansas City. A new subdivision surrounding “Paradise Lake” is planned to accommodate more new houses.  Dearborn is 30 minutes by Interstate to Kansas City, with its many attractions like Superbowl Champions the Kansas City Chiefs, World Series winner Kansas City Royals, the Kansas Speedway, the National WWI Museum, casinos, fine restaurants, and thousands of stores.

St. Joseph, Missouri is 20 minutes north of Dearborn, where there are unique Wild West attractions such as the Jesse James Home Museum, Patee House Museum, the Pony Express Museum, as well as the Missouri Historic Theater and many special events offered by Missouri Western State University.

For air travel, it is only 20 minutes from Dearborn to the Kansas City International Airport terminals.